Baby it’s Cold Outside


As the first snow storm of the winter hits the Twin Cities, we are all reminded that in The City of Lakes this is not only the holiday season, but the season of spin outs, shoveling and some additional winter home maintenance.

As you view your home covered in this newly fallen snow you may realize that you have an excessive amount of snow on your roof – or dangerous icicles forming which can both be indicators of ice dams forming underneath this new white sparkly blanket.

Ice dams are a sneaky problem caused by water melting under the blanket of snow on your roof, then freezing when it hits the edge of the roof, causing the start of a dam which stops additional water from flowing off your roof as the snow against the shingles melts.  If these dams are left for too long, or get big enough this can cause the water to back up and come into your house – which can cause all kinds of problems!

If you think you may have ice dams forming, or want to be sure you can spot the warning signs click HERE for more information on how and why they form, what to do if you have them, and how to prevent them in the future.

If you are ready to make a move this winter, to find a new roof for over your head, you can start your search HERE!

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