Minneapolis Dog Parks

Come one, come all, come large, come small!

Our four-legged friends often need time to run, play and meet new friends – especially after being cooped up for the winter months.

Annalie's dog having a happy spring morning @ Minnehaha Dog Park!
Annalie’s dog Porter having a happy spring morning @ Minnehaha Dog Park!

The Minneapolis Park System offers seven off-leash dog parks for dogs to exercise alongside their human companions and fellow canines.

An Off-Leash Dog Park Permit is required to use Minneapolis dog parks.
Get your off-leash permit HERE.

Minneapolis Off-Leash Dog Park Tips

To ensure a fun environment for you and your dog, please follow these off-leash dog park tips.

  • Make sure your dog has a license, an off-leash permit, and all vaccinations.
  • Do not allow your dog to drink any standing water. (Good luck with that one ;))
  • Bring ample water for your dog(s).  There are often refillable jugs left at the park.
  • Extend common courtesy to all other dog park users. Report serious injuries!
  • Pick up after your dog and bring a spare dog bag to share.
  • Do not let dogs defecate in the Mississippi River within the Minnehaha Off-Leash Dog Park.
  • Do not bring food or dog toys into off-leash dog parks as these items may create a conflict.
  • Moderate your use during peak hours.
  • Do not bring glass containers into off-leash dog parks.

There are often times separate areas for puppies or small dogs.  Keep in mind that not all dogs are socialized with children.  Thank goodness my daughter is dog saavy with all of the fosters we have had over the years but keep an eye on your little humans too.  Have fun and help us keep these areas clean!!  We are very lucky to have so many fabulous dog parks in Minneapolis.
Here is the list, I’m sure there is one near you!!



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