City of Lakes Waldorf School


Looking for an urban school with alternative learning?
Nervous about sending your child to Minneapolis Public Schools?

I know I was when shopping for a school when my daughter was becoming school age.  I lived in Minneapolis and while I wanted my child to have a diverse, urban, and rich academic environment I did not want her to be lost in the shuffle with large class sizes, teaching to the tests and memorizing random information to meet the “no child left behind” standardized testing.  I wanted her to remain curious and open and most of all love going to school.

Was this even possible?

We tried the  gamut of early childhood exposures, child day care centers/prekindergarten, in home daycares, ECFE, religious “nursery schools”, Montessori, etc.

It wasn’t until I found “Little Sprouts” at City of Lakes Waldorf school in South Minneapolis that my daughter felt comfortable leaving my lap, playing with other children, not having a complete meltdown when separated from me and most of all they fostered her curiosity!!!

They actually meet the child where they are in a very peaceful and soothing way, teach them rhythms and activities that don’t supercede their natural development skills.

Waldorfians call this education of the head, heart and hands.  Educating the whole human not just at the academic level and guess what?  My child was thriving!

She now attends the sister school Minnesota Waldorf School in Maplewood because of convenience for mom and dad, and yes I am biased because of my experiences, but our whole family has grown exponentially since we began this journey!  City of Lakes will always be a nurturing place for our heads, hearts and minds and I encourage you to find your children’s curiosity piqued when you walk through the doors of this incredibly beautiful and ornate, historical building in the Whittier neighborhood.

Here’s a little history of City of Lakes:

City of Lakes Waldorf School, founded by six mothers in 1988 as the Waldorf City School, holds the defining word “city” in its name. Guided by the early vision and present mission of the school, CLWS today is the result of a growing community—parents, alumni, teachers and students—endeavoring to create and experience Waldorf education in the heart of Minneapolis.

Located in the Whittier neighborhood, near the nationally acclaimed Children’s Theatre Company and Minneapolis Institute of Arts, we make our home in a gracious four-story historic building with adjacent urban gardens and a play area enjoyed by our school community and our Whittier neighbors.

Stop in, have a cup of organic joe, shop in the student store-all local all the time, take a tour, make a playdate, meet the families, observe the teachers and better yet the students.  This is education done right!

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