10 Reasons You May Want to List Your Home During the Holidays!

Should I List My Home
We are officially “in” the Holiday Season!

As a real estate professional, I am often asked the question,

“Should we wait until after the holidays to put our home on the market?”

Here is a list of 10 reasons you may want to list your home during the holidays!
If these reasons make sense for you ~ click here to request a

  1.  Holiday Buyers are Serious.  Buyers looking during the holiday months, which means the winter months in MN, are usually serious buyers!  They may be people who NEED to find their home vs. WANT to find their home.
  2. Lower Inventory Means Less Competition.  Listing inventory in the Twin Cities Real Estate Market is typically lowest during the fourth quarter.  This means that you will have less competition when those serious buyers (refer back to #1) are out looking for their next home!
  3. Your Home May Show “Better” During the Holidays.
    3. Home may show better during the
  4. Buyers May be MORE Plugged In.  Buyers are no longer “unplugging” during the holidays.  In fact, busy adults may have more time during the holidays to search homes online, drive by homes that look interesting, check their home search apps during family downtime, etc.
  5. Deadlines!  Buyers that are looking during the holidays may need to close on their new home before the end of the year for financial or tax reasons (again refer back to #1 – they may NEED to find their new home, and on a specific timeline!)
  6. Job Changes.  January is traditionally a time when corporations do corporate restructures,  which may result in job transfers, promotions and layoffs.  All of these may result in new buyers entering the market in the month of January.
  7. You Still Have Control.  Many homeowners who are considering listing their home don’t want to deal with the potential interruptions and hassles of having showings/open houses/and inquiries during the holidays.  The good news is ~ you have all of the control!  You can put restrictions on when you will accept showings, request no showings on certain holidays, or request a buyer choose another time for any showing.
    Going out of town for the holidays?  This takes all of these pressures away
    and make it a great time for hassle-free showings!
  8. Be Ready to Buy!  Sell your home now and be ready to find your dream home in the Spring market when home inventory increases, allowing you more options when you are on the buying end of the transaction!
    You can get started now by searching for homes HERE.

  9. Already Listed?  Now May Be A Great Time to Shake Things Up!
    If your home has been listed for an extended period of time, buyers and agents who are seeing your home may begin to see it as stale or overpriced regardless of the amount of inventory currently on the market.
    This holiday season may be a great time to shake things up!A price adjustment is one way to get new attention in the market.  Getting your property into a new price “bracket”, typically defined in $25,000 blocks, is important if you are looking to make a pricing change.  Talk to your REALTOR about how a price adjustment may help garnish new attention in the market and how it will affect your bottom line.Another way to shake things up may be to address an issue that has come up in feedback from showings.  Have multiple people commented on a paint color, or some deferred maintenance in the property?  Now may be a good time to take a few days to address these items, and come back to market with a fresh look!
  10. Still Not Sure About Listing During the Holidays?  List in January!
    If the stress of the holidays is already too much, and just the thought of listing your home during this time is enough to send you over the edge, then list after the New Year!
    Traditionally, inventory is still low in early January, which will still give you some of the advantages listed above.
    Call us now to be ready to go to market in early January or click here to request more information – just put LIST IN JANUARY in the comments!

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