29th Avenue & Johnson Street NE

INTERSECTIONThis is my hood, these are my stomping grounds, this is what some call the “heart of Nor’deast”!  Ok, I know there are many hearts of NE Mpls but this section is dear to my heart.

Did you know there is a YouTube video called 29th and Johnson Street NE?
Check it out!

There are many staple businesses on this amazing intersection –
so we thought we would highlight them here!

On the SE corner of 29th and Johnson is Hazels.  Be ready to wait in line for a weekend brunch, but don’t worry, it’s well worth the wait!
They have what you call SCRATCH, healthy, hearty and beautiful food. YUM!

Sarah Jane’s BakerySarah Jane's Bakery
Parkway Pizza   

Parkway proudly sUntitled design(2)erves Sebastian Joe’s ice cream as well as NE’s best pizza!  They donate to local schools and even have elementary and middle students come in to make their own pizzas!
Every month at Parkway Pizza they get a new local artist to fill the walls with art. If you are interested in having your work displayed, or if you are a local musician who would like to play a set at one of our monthly art shows, please call Gail at 612-729-9090.  (They also have a Longfellow location!)

Bag Lady
Print the coupon from the site and get 20% off!  This store Click Hereto print a20% offCouponbegan in the mind of a retired flight attendant who loved to play dress up!  The boutique is filled with fun accessories, jewelry, clothing and handbags. You are sure to find something one of a kind in this boutique, all items are new and have traveled from all over the world to be here in NE!

A Little reFind

Krista Tkach, owner, (she lives in NE too) just had her 6 month anniversary in this location!
Lets hear it for local small business owners like Krista-
whoot whoot!

This is another boutique, but here you will find locally handcrafted art, gifts, baby essentials and home furnishings.  It reminds me a little of “Truly” in downtown White Bear but local to NE!  Go on in there and support local businesses!

The Coffee Shop NEThe Coffee Shop NE

Need a massage?  Need a chiropractic adjustment?  Need to clear your chakras?  Need an insurance quote? Ok so insurance is NOT healing!
Stop on in to what I call the healing stop! Here’s what Mary Luger-Sartor says about her business:

I own the Massage & Healing at 2848 Johnson St NE, next to the coffee shop.  I have lived in NE for 28 years and have had my business here for over 13 years in a couple NE neighborhoods.  I love working and living a few blocks apart.  I have a wide range of experience to help people with many different stress and injuries to their bodies.  My other CMT’s are Liz Anderson and Jennifer Webb.  Along with massage, reflexology, and other bodywork, we have Dr. Maggie Tu, who does Chiropractic, acupuncture, A.R.T., and Access Consciousness. www.massageandhealingbymary.com

Travis Marcellus is the Farmers Insurance and Financial Services agent in this same building.  I didn’t get a chance to chat with him on the day I visited but wanted to give him an honorable mention anyway.

Northeaster Newshomelink
Where would we be without this little gem?  How would we know about all the art crawls and pedal pubs and microbreweries and live music without our friends at the Northeaster!

Washburn McGreavy Funeral Chapel
Onto the NE corner of our spotlight is Washburn McGreavy Funeral Chapel.  This has been a NE monument since 1963, and they have quite an interesting history on their website dating back to 1857 (click the name above to view their history)!  I did not go into visit them quite honestly because death gives me the willies, although I’m sure they have the utmost respect and integrity with our families left behind and loved ones beyond.

Dinsmore Cleaners
They boast they have been the NE launderers for 55 years!
They have two locations, both in NE,  and same day service.
Check out their website for coupons and specials.

The Hollywood Theater

The Hollywood Theater was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 5, 2014.[1] It was considered notable for its Streamline Moderne design by prominent theater architects Liebenberg & Kaplan and its association with the growth of locally owned, streetcar-accessible neighborhood cinemas during the Great Depression.[8]  They even have their own wiki page.  The last picture show at the Hollywood Theater in northeast Minneapolis took place 27 years ago. The building has been empty, but not forgotten, since then.  It is unclear what the future holds for this historic landmark, most recent news is Mpls sold it to Andrew Volna for $1 to rehabilitate it and find a “user.”

Thanks for reading I hope you will get out into your community and support some locally owned and operated businesses!  —Angela

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  1. And don’t forget, Jackson St & Lowry is the home office to Emma B Howe YMCA Youth Intervention Services. We have a host of programs in the community helping our area youth!


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